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Miro — formerly known as RealtimeBoard, is a collaboration software for (remote) teams. In a competitive climate, they needed a new brand identity that is focused on emphasizing remote creative work. As part of the Verve design team, I was responsible for the UX research, interaction, visual design, and animated prototypes.

Miro was designed mobile-first. This was necessary as earlier research concluded that most users explore Miro's features on their mobile devices first.

The Miro UI is modular and focused on usability. The UI elements were implemented in a design system that became the foundation for digital communication.

The best decisions aren't made on assumptions, they are based on facts. Miro was created on the foundation of extensive UX research that gave valuable insights for design, product, and content development. User interviews, Google Analytics & and a Hotjar analysis were performed to conclude pain points and new user desires.​

Illustrations in the designs are made by Verve

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Digital Design