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Albert Heijn

Albert Heijn is the largest supermarket with over 5 million users on their digital products. As design systems have changed over the years, Albert Heijn still needed to catch up with the latest advancements. As one of the two owners of the Design System, I am responsible for a new system on par with development. The challenge was to create a new system that works for all four platforms. By rethinking our digital identity and optimizing for accessibility, we create a new standard for our digital experiences.​
In the past, designs were not documented as designers work close-knit with development. However, this created inconsistency over time, as there was no reference material. With the new documentation system, we are speeding up the realization phase.
Albert Heijn has a relatively 'timid' brand identity that limits the space for playful elements. Within the boundaries, I created a new illustration style that amplifies the clarity of a specific message.​
We are redefining every single interface element, from our atoms to our most complex organisms, such as the Product Card. The biggest challenge is to create a dynamic system that includes all of our business logic.
The implementation of semantic colors has created a new language that both the design team and development understand. Step by step, we are decluttering the interface and creating more focus for our users.

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